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Druidess Of Midian [userpic]
Oh Foo'ark! Looky what I just found!
by Druidess Of Midian (druidess1982)
at January 29th, 2009 (11:50 am)

current location: Ze Tower Room, Castillo Styles, York
current mood: mischievous
current song: Some crap on the radio I'm gonna turn off!!!

This was found hiding in the crypts of my external hard drive (doing some spring cleaning to make room for this years work)...

It was taken in August 2006! Was just the Girls though, dunno why the photographer didn't make good use of the one male model I dragged along! ;o)

1st Nocturnal Magazine Group Shot

Do you recognise anyone here? lol!

Photo by Dean White

Carl [userpic]
Nocturnal Magazine
by Carl (jussard)
at January 28th, 2009 (07:20 pm)

Issue 1 of Nocturnal is out now.

Many of you will have seen previous posts from me with photos from the group shoots I have organized for Nocturnal. Now the first issue is available from www.nocturnalpublications.net. The second issue, including interviews with Scott Church, Kambriel and Wayne Hussey, will be available shortly. Also in the issue the style pages feature designs by Veil of Visions shot by Sarah Slade. The same shoot produced what you can see below


Read more...Collapse )

Models are Lady Amaranth and behind the cut, Fae.

Festive greetings!!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at December 21st, 2008 (12:41 am)

our Xmas Card to you!!!Collapse )

Photography by Harpy Images

oh the Prophecies of Nostardamus missed this one!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at November 25th, 2008 (04:31 am)

Keep Off The Dawn

by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at November 12th, 2008 (11:10 am)
current location: Home !!!
current mood: below the lights
current song: Enslaved..Below the lights

Behind the ways of the world


Nightmare warrior

Large visions here!Collapse )

So it's three from me ..and three from...
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at November 3rd, 2008 (06:35 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: Satyricon ..The Age of Nero!

druidess1982 and Dot


Shelly radley ..with guest!


Large Images under the cut!!Collapse )Large Images under the cut!!Collapse )

the reason i am who i am !
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at November 2nd, 2008 (02:56 am)
current mood: me!

The druidess1982  in all her glory

Druidess of Midian
The DruidessCollapse )

fracture242..in all her Grace and Glory!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 30th, 2008 (10:32 am)
current location: home ..awaiting Marmite!
current mood: awake
current song: Zero Tolerance Cover cd!


..the link to the sea is here 2 more!Collapse )

Sneak preview....
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 28th, 2008 (03:44 am)
current location: ..sleepy hollow!
current song: Enslaved vertebrae (on repeat for four hours!!!)

Finally got around to putting up a sneak preview of my Shoot with the wonderful fracture242 ..what a lady this is why she is the Queen of all that is dark! there are no imitators!!


Our day off with a Suzuki Hayabusa(and a sword of course)
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 24th, 2008 (02:35 pm)
current location: in bed
current song: Bond

Lucifera sun set ..er not strip!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 23rd, 2008 (08:32 am)


Lunaesque [userpic]
The search for Miss October is on...
by Lunaesque (gothindulgence)
at October 22nd, 2008 (10:30 am)

The winner will receive a free hat/fascinator of their choice, and two runners up will receive a 25% discount on the hat of their choice. I would be pleased as beans if one of my photographs won.
Go here to place your vote (pic folder)


Featuring the divine Miss Nicnivvin

The Reverend Demondaz [userpic]
The Matrix Rebooted
by The Reverend Demondaz (demondaz)
at October 21st, 2008 (01:12 pm)

current mood: quixotic

Here's a recent set, shot in the cold war Secret Nuclear Bunker at Kelvedon Hatch at a group shoot this weekend past.

Photography by Onion Custard and also features Toxicara and Boy Kitten.


Some More in B&WCollapse )


by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 19th, 2008 (11:24 am)
current location: Roundhay Park
current song: ...


Siguror Vs The Druidess
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 16th, 2008 (09:58 pm)
current location: Home !!!
current song: Metallica ..all nightmare long!


Lucifera T-shoot!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 16th, 2008 (12:29 am)
current location: home ..awaiting Marmite!
current mood: bonded!!
current song: Cold - 13 ways to ...

Lucifera reclining!

Leroy [userpic]
Some self portraits...
by Leroy (minnaloushe)
at October 15th, 2008 (10:27 pm)

Bigger + 4 more.Collapse )

Second Set from the "Boudoir Rouge!!"
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 15th, 2008 (08:26 am)
current location: ..with tea!
current song: Motorhead..One more F**king time

druidess1982  ..Dans le chambre.
Rouge X-tacy!
deux dans le chambre..Collapse )

new male.... Dio DI Metallo!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 12th, 2008 (12:16 pm)

current location: Yorvik
current mood: DIO!!
current song: Metallica ..in my head!!

October Rust!

Just one today from Me. the Druidess Of Midian on the beach!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at October 4th, 2008 (10:46 am)
current location: Benfleet!...having my hair plaited!
current song: Death - Scream Bloody Gore


She Ain't Made Of Flesh and Bone [userpic]
by She Ain't Made Of Flesh and Bone (fiendette138)
at September 27th, 2008 (10:18 pm)

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More of my work here:http://deannadeadly.deviantart.com/

Avatar shoot!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at September 28th, 2008 (12:23 am)
current location: wales!!
current song: Slipknot -Psychosocial

druidess1982 and myself reclining..whilst shooting with avatarsteve



Yes i have been at it Again!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at September 24th, 2008 (02:58 am)

current mood: Beeming!
current song: Equinoxio - Punishment of souls!

This was a glorious yet Rain intermittent day out in Bassall Common with giselle_bour
Two more of the lovely Lady!Collapse )</lj>

Brighton Team marmite!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at September 21st, 2008 (02:50 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: Bathory!

toxicara  and druidess1982   Yesterday in Brighton!</lj>



Double trouble!in the Boudoir!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at September 20th, 2008 (09:27 am)

current location: lucifera's lair
current mood: Nordland
current song: Bathory

Shots of infernalucifera and druidess1982 in the boudoir!</lj></lj>

Double the Trouble!Collapse )

Arkham Asylum!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at September 19th, 2008 (04:02 am)

current location: Lucifera's lair
current mood: flamboyant!
current song: Silence ..Dawn is Asleep!

Put simply.... this the set with druidess1982  as Harley Quinn.Shots Taken in Wales and Eastbourne!On the pier!

Arkham Asylum!</a

Back from Scotland....
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at September 18th, 2008 (12:05 pm)
current location: Yorvik
current song: Bathory


Lunaesque [userpic]
Ms September needs your vote!
by Lunaesque (gothindulgence)
at September 12th, 2008 (03:47 pm)

www.myspace.com/madamequeeny is running a competition. I've submitted one of my photographs of stunning Lilah to hopefully be in the running to be Ms September. Please do go to www.myspace.com/madamequeeny in her pics folder Vote for your fav ... (being my photo of Lilah ... of course :) who stands to win a Beautiful handmade fascinator from the talented Ms Queenie


Lucifera and The Druidess of Midian
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at September 11th, 2008 (08:42 pm)

current location: Onwards and Upwards!
current mood: Victurisas!!
current song: Metallica ..whiplash!

Lucifera ..my first graveyard style shot!

 Druidess of Midian..."Not-so" Easy Rider!

The Reverend Demondaz [userpic]
Studio Art Nude 'Suspended in the Void
by The Reverend Demondaz (demondaz)
at September 9th, 2008 (11:20 am)

current mood: quixotic

Here's something I should like to share before the World Ends on Wednesday....shot an art nude session with the inimitable Fozzie when up in Falkirk a couple of months back.

Under a cut as May Not be safe for Work...

Suspended in the VoidCollapse )

roze_thorn [userpic]
To share my latest with you
by roze_thorn (roze_thorn)
at September 7th, 2008 (11:35 pm)

current location: middle earth
current mood: cheerful

Greetings to old freinds and new

I wanted to share some shots that Victor took of me earlier this year

Best Wishes Roze xxx  I will post more soon xxxxx

Team Marmite ..Back in the Jar again!
by r_a_v_e_nsblood (r_a_v_e_nsblood)
at September 5th, 2008 (01:07 am)
current location: Team Marmite..back in the Jar!
current song: Wacken 2004 DVD

Whilst over in pneumatic Barry island in Whales ...druidess1982 and I subjected our selves to the Midas Touch!Photgraphs are Copyright of Samurai B..(Noel taylor)..Make Up by Samurai Song!


Titled "the Death Of a Queen"


Titled " the Emperor's New Whisk"

Druidess Of Midian [userpic]
La Rouge Boudoir
by Druidess Of Midian (druidess1982)
at August 29th, 2008 (03:29 am)
current location: Benfleet - about to set off in the Marmite Mobile!
current mood: accomplished
current song: MANOWAR - Call to Arms!

Just spent a lovely couple of days with good friend and 'big sister' Liz, aka Lucifera -The Infernal Goddess!

Been very busy - as to be expected from a Creative Melting Pot - and have hardly stopped since taking our 'rest day' *Chortle* at my parents... (still been shooting like loons!) Luckily Chel [info]r_a_v_e_nsblood has had a few mins spare and kindly edited a few pics for me to tantelise your tastebuds with!
I give you 'La Rouge boudoir!'



As always, my full portfolio can be seen here

Leroy [userpic]
by Leroy (minnaloushe)
at August 4th, 2008 (11:10 pm)

Model: briseis
Photography & styling: yours truly

+2.Collapse )

More here on Flickr.

Davefish [userpic]
Official_bitch in Brighton.
by Davefish (davefish)
at August 4th, 2008 (09:21 pm)


Davefish [userpic]
TK looking rather dashing
by Davefish (davefish)
at July 14th, 2008 (10:55 pm)

TK looked rather good in black tie. Certainly a lot of ladies passing during the photoshoot thought so if the reaction is anything to go by. He did describe the experience as "working way outside his comfort zone" :)

Thamiel all dressed up

The first six months of 2008 (X-Posted)
by Dave Charsley (davecharsley)
at July 7th, 2008 (08:31 am)

With half of the year gone already, here's some of my favourite images from the first six months.  The models (in order of appearance) are: RYO, giselle_bour, necromantis, catwalk_ghost, thevioletraven, literaryrose, araminta, melaniemorticia, demondaz, satanicangel666 and iwilldietonight

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Lisa [userpic]
40's Photoshoot in London...
by Lisa (madame_queeny)
at July 2nd, 2008 (03:23 pm)

I was recently lucky enough to be asked to take part in 40's styled photo shoot for nocturnal_uk , supplying the hats of course! I also did a little bit of modeling on the day as the team were one model short!

The new hat designs that featured in this shoot are avaliable to buy over on the website www.offwithherhead.co.uk

Photos by gothindulgence

Pixie Bruner [userpic]
New Pixie Pics!
by Pixie Bruner (pixelmonster)
at June 30th, 2008 (09:57 am)
current location: Home Home is Deranged
current mood: busy
current song: Sesame Street

New Images- Burlesque Beauty, Steampunk Brabuster, Retrokitsch lingerie with Fox
All images by arkhamrefugee adjusted only for color correction and lighting
Hair, Makeup, Styling and Model- Pixie
Bustle Burlesque Skirt by isyllt
Click for fullsize!

NWS- Pics behind cut

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Ozzy [userpic]
Texas Chainsaw Orchestra
by Ozzy (karohemd)
at June 20th, 2008 (01:07 pm)
current mood: accomplished

I recently had the pleasure of taking some promo photos for this fine band and here's a selection. Check out their myspace and if you're in the London area, come to their gig at the Bullet Bar this Saturday (link and flyer on myspace)