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Admirion Shoot...

Aye, that's right, Will and I finally got round to working together after having to wait some very long months for some free time and good weather, and I must say, we both felt it was well worth the wait!

For ages now I've wanted to experiment with Infra-Red technology in my work, so finding someone who knows what he's doing in that field was initially troublesome, to my knowledge the only IR photographers about where based in the USA... :o( Luckily for me - that wasn't so! Through chatting with my good friend fracture242 I realised that Will had a talent there and would be able to help me!

Will is a very fast processor when it comes to photo's he's pleased with, I've already received 14 Infra-Red images from today, literally within a couple of hours of him returning home!!! Here are a few of them!

Within the Abbey

Within the Abbey

Heart Broken

Heart Broken

Of Nightmares and Dreamscapes...

The set can bee seen in its entirety here: Admirion Set
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