Location shoot, London couple of model spots available

hi all

We are arranging a location shoot at the wonderful Roost, London. We have a couple of model spots still available. Please see list below of the attending photographers looking to book new faces.

This shoot will be TFCD/PRINT as the photographers are covering the cost to hire this stunning location for the day. All photographers are totally open to any suggestions on what to shoot on the day. If you wish to join us for the shoot, please email your choice of photographer direct and he will advice you further on what to expect on the day.



Steve Reynolds



Please have a look at the location website – great venue, might help with inspiration for looks?


Getting our outfits together for the festival season??

We have got a new amazing design for our most dedicated gothic customers! 

Beautiful, morbid and gothic! 
The perfect Gothic / Schwarze Szene piece! 

A gothic coffin in with a silver cross, surrounded by beads, roses and lace! 
With a lid that can be opened and small things can be stored in the coffin! 

See more photos and options here:


New book about goth out now!

Veil Of Vision has had the honour to be included in this goldmine of gothic history!

Book Description:

This is the first book to look at the impact of the goth scene worldwide, from its origins right through to the present day. From the UK's sprawling post-punk scene, Japan's highly visual movement, the USA's deathrock explosion and Germany's extremely popular Schwarze Szene, Worldwide Gothic explores how they all came about and the influence they've had on contemporary music and fashion. Spat out of punk at the tail end of the 1970s, goth became a major subculture in the UK with bands like Siouxsie And The Banshees and The Sisters Of Mercy scoring Top Ten hits and its fashion inspiring catwalk collections. After the scene died down in the early 1990s, it spread out to Europe where it attracted hundreds of thousands of followers and became assimilated with other muscial genres. This book also looks at how goth is now returning to its roots now with the emergence of dark rock and indie bands who pay homage to gothic greats like Bauhaus and Joy Division.

About the Author:
Natasha Scharf is a music journalist who specialised in alternative and gothic music. She was the editor of underground gothic publication Meltdown and has subsequently written for Metal Hammer, Prog, Classic Rock and Terrorizer magazines. She co-produced a documentary on the goth scene for BBC Radio 1 called Beyond The Pale and has been interviewed about the scene many times in the media, including on Radio 4's Woman's Hour. She frequently DJs at gothic events across the globe.

Industrial Gothic Request

Hey all,

Not sure if I have ever posted this here, but I have the kickass job of helping run Industrial Gothic
I now choose and post the Gothic Babe of the Week. Woot! :D

Here's the deal, if you are interesting in being our Gothic Babe send me a message following this criteria:

1. You must be female – sorry guys
2. You cannot already have been a GBOTW
4. You must have some sort of webpage – personal or professional
5. You must include URL(s) – not attachments – of the suggested photo(s) – high quality, full-body images are considered; no group shots, no cam pics, or no head shots

If you send me a message this is the info I need...

- Name: (Name as the nominee wants to be listed)
- Webpage url: (Link to the nominee’s webpage)
- Picture url(s): (The url of the picture you like best or location of picture gallery)
- Include any comments, remarks or anything else that you want us to know. You can include information about you, what you do, where you are from, etc…

Please pass this around. :D
Not only will you the model get recognition but so does the photographer (we link back to your website). It's a win for everyone :)

Side note: You do not need to send me some perfectly shot photo. The thing is we want real goth women on the site, not just models pretending to be goth. Don't get me wrong, we do post those flawless artistic shots and we love them, but we prefer it to look more real and less posed. :)
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